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Dear travellers and readers, this month once again we are taking a closer look into our team. We want to make you feel as welcome and comfortable as possible, have lots of fun together, and create a valuable relationship with you. Coming as a stranger and leaving as a mate is one of our mantras, therefore we’d like to introduce you to Danaja!

We sat down with Danaja and asked her a few fun questions. Have a read and do not hesitate to chat her up the next time you see her at our lobby!

Hi! What’s your name?


Any nicknames?
Dogaja – It means that something is happening. I am always up to something therefore my friends started calling me that. It comes from Slovenian.

The nerdiest thing you do in your spare time?

It’s a secret because then I won’t be so cool anymore haha. Just Kidding! I like to listen to Vivaldi’s 4 seasons at full volume, while driving or in bed.

The strangest talent you have?

I am very good at imitating how people walk.

What’s the three things still left on your bucket list?

1.     Move to the seaside for a bit
2.     Try ski jumping
3.     Travel on the Orient Express through Asia.

Your personal favorite place in Berlin?

Modersohnbrücke. It is a bridge near Ostkreuz station and it is a special place to watch the sunset or sunrise. I have had many amazing moments there!

Couldn’t survive in Berlin without...

My fanny pack.

Got any favorite quotes or inspiration?

The berlin experience is how to make a lot out of nothing’’ Dimitri Hegemann, Creator of Tresor


Danaja is part of the cultural landscape and music scene in Berlin. She is a very active person that loves to experience life and the exciting city that Berlin is. She is full of great tips and advice on what where how when, with regards to having the utmost fun in Berlin and she is here to share this with you!


Published on 03/24/2020